South Central Summit Held in Dallas


Photo by Jennifer Idol

South Central Summit Meeting Recap
Friday, January 22, 2016
Embassy Suites, Frisco, TX
By Gene Muchanski, Executive Director
Dive Industry Association, Inc.

The first regional summit meeting of the South Central United States was held during the Lone Star State Dive & Travel Show in Frisco, Texas.  Twenty One (21) Dive Industry Professionals attended, representing dive stores, dive boats, dive clubs, dive instructors and various dive businesses.

This is one Man’s summary of the discussions that were held at the Summit.  If I missed something, please add to this.  We are looking for active engagement.  If you have a store, boat or club, you have been listed on the DIVE LOCAL Directory on our Blog.  If we missed someone, please let us know.  Thank you.

Guest Speakers

Rick Stratton, Dive News Network kicked off the program by explaining the concept behind the Regional Summit Meetings.  Why it is important to promote local diving.

Gene Muchanski, Dive Industry Association, Inc:  Talked about a shared industry campaign, DIVE LOCAL, and what it is trying to accomplish.  Gene said that, “Promoting the diving industry to the general public is a shared responsibility of all actively engaged Dive Professionals.  We must all do our part to grow the recreation.”  DIVE LOCAL defines the Local Diving community as Dive Stores, Dive Boat Operators, Dive Clubs, Dive Instructors and Local Resorts where applicable.  The sectors of the Diving Industry that have the most to gain from the promotion and success of the Local Diving Community is the; 1) Certification Agencies that sell certifications.  2) Manufacturers that sell dive equipment.  3) Travel Businesses that sell travel trips.  Therefore, they should be sponsoring DIVE LOCAL and providing co-opt advertising dollars to the campaign.  The message we want to send to the general public is 1) Learn to Dive.  2)  Buy Your Gear.  3) Go Diving.  4) Stay Active.

Tom Ingram, DEMA: Tom talked about local diving impacting the community.  Tom had statistics to show the diving industry is under performing.  Certifications are down 13% over the last 10 years. He showed us where local diving fits in. He says that giving divers something fun to do keeps them more active.  He pointed out that “local diving is perfect for the current economic conditions.”  One activity he spent time on was “Dive Caching.”  He introduced a new DEMA program called “Go Dive Now.”

Eric Peterson, Scubapro Regional Sales Manager:  Local Texas Diver talked about Dive Around Texas and what it did for the local economy. The program ran for six years and in the fifth year included DEMA’s Dive Caching.  One activity gave away a grand prize of $1,000.  Looking for local new ideas.

Jennifer Idol, The Underwater Designer:  Jennifer is credited to being the first Woman to Dive all 50 States.  That’s a lot of local diving.  She shared her experience in traveling around the country and visiting many dive stores along the way.  She talked about customer’s expectations.  She asked “When you visit a store, what are your expectations?  How do you want to be treated when you visit a store?“

Breakout Session – Focus Groups

  1. Group 1 – Clubs & Instructors
  2. Group 2 – Stores , Dive Boats & Resorts

Both of the groups focused on potential solutions to growing the local dive community rather than fixating on problems and challenges.  There was some conversation about the current dive leaders not taking the younger generation seriously enough and not respecting them for their accomplishments.  We had a brief discussion about Internet Sales and concluded that internet sales at a dive store is one type of business model.  Stores either choose to use that method or they don’t.  We discussed the importance of relationships with our customers and treating our employees and staff as future leaders in the industry.  We agreed that diving activities are the lifeblood of a local diving community but there was little discussion how dive professionals communicate their planned activates to their customers.  The group would like to see more collaboration between stores and clubs.  Youth activities are a great way to promote diving to young people.  One group should be age 8-17 and a second one from age 18-29.  It works well for churches, why not diving?

Regional Problems

  • Millennials are not shown respect


  • Millennials are an untapped resource
  • Teaching diving at Colleges & Universities grows the industry and supplies us with young divers. There is much opportunity at local colleges to teach scuba diving.

Potential Solutions

  • Social – Fun – BBQ
  • Dive Caching
  • Dive Around Texas
  • Promote relationships – Trust & respect – Be the white knight !
  • Communicate with your customers. How?
  • Promote Social Aspects of Diving / personal / fun / relationships – promote events.
  • Take relationships from stranger to customer to friend
  • Hold Clean-up events
  • Recommendations from Dive Clubs
  • Dive shops should feed the clubs
  • Can stores help with club events?
  • Improve Collaboration between stores & clubs
  • Clubs could promote store events
  • Better web sites, social media
  • Games, treasure hunts, keep them active
  • Work together more (leadership meetings between clubs)
  • More educational tips & tricks
  • Mentorship program – New divers to be diving leaders
  • Get new divers involved – give them a purpose
  • Season club members
  • Modernize communication methods
  • Make younger divers feel more comfortable
  • Emphasize youth
  • Set up course – under 30 – event / trip – in line with HS & College graduation
  • Lifestyle – Youth Groups
  • Monthly Newsletter – cross promotion

Actionable Items

  • Create social environment of trust – collaboration
    • Create a cooperative environment between clubs & shops
    • Create New Diver Mentorship Program
    • Create model for Youth oriented Groups (10-17) and (18-30)
  • Unique marketing plan to match the event
  • Cross marketing with other sports
  • Co-communicate with colleges & universities
  • Opportunities with colleges to teach diving
  • Help industry promote diving
  • Create Events like “Tenchiller”

Ways to Stay Connected to DIVE LOCAL

Ways to improve the economic impact of the local diving community. 

  • We need to establish a base line of where we currently are financially.
  • How many stores, boats, clubs and instructors are in the Greater Texas area?
  • Who promotes diving the most and what media do they use to get the message to the public?
  • How many active divers are there in the South Central? Where do they dive and how often?

Information we need

  • Economic Impact of Dive Store – Request a Retail Profile Survey form Dive Industry Association at
  • What is the State of the Dive Industry’s Sales Force? – Request a Sales Rep Profile Survey form Dive Industry Association at
  • We need complete contact information on dive Stores, Dive Boats, Clubs and Instructors.

Please correspond with the other attendees from the Dallas Summit Meeting and copy Gene Muchanski at


About divelocal

Executive Director of Dive Industry Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization. We are the Founding Sponsor of DIVE LOCAL and soon to be just one of many.
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