Co-Op Marketing Through DIVE LOCAL

Gene-Video-200Co-operative Marketing Through DIVE LOCAL
by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

The mechanics of business are pretty simple.  We go into business because we have something to sell that meets the needs of an individual or an entity.  To stay in business we need to sell a sufficient number of profitable products to a sufficient number of profitable customers.To excel in business we have to take it serious enough to do the things that have to be done, when they need to be done.  The better we are at the mechanics of business, the more successful our business will become.

The are four areas of business that give you a competitive edge.  1) You need to have good products.  Product Managers are responsible for designing products that people will want to buy because they meet a specific customer need.  2) You need good customers. Customer Service Managers maintain relationships with your accounts and communicate with them on a regular basis.  3) You need to reach the buying public with your message when they are ready to make a buying decision.  Marketing Professionals create the message about your products and utilize the best vehicles to deliver that message.  4) You need to be there to close the sale.  Sales Professionals are there to ask for the sale.  It could be on-line or face-to-face, but someone has to ask for the sale and follow-through.

It’s easy to understand the need and expense for product management, customer acquisition & maintenance, and sales efforts.  They are part of the cost of doing business.  However, many business people don’t understand the Marketing aspect.  Is it a cost of doing business?  An expense?  An investment?  Or just a black hole we throw money into?

In our business we classify our customers as current customers, former customers and future customers.  Current customers are the easiest and less expensive group to market to.  This group currently buys from you and you should have all of their current contact information.  Needless to say, you should have a good working relationship with your current customers and contact them on a regular basis.  Former customers take a little more work but not much more expense to market to.  Former customers are those who have not purchased from you in over a year.  Unless they are no longer in business you should have their current contact information.  Think of a good reason to make contact with them again and do your best to reactivate their account status with you.

The third group of customers are people who have not yet purchased from you.  They are your future customers.  This group is the most difficult to identify, reach and sell to.  Marketing to future customers (prospects) is the most expensive group to target.  It makes me wonder why companies attempt to go it alone in their efforts to target market this group?  To tell you the truth, it is too expensive and time consuming for dive industry companies to tackle this group alone.  But there is a workable solution available.

DIVE LOCAL is a community effort to reach the general public and promote snorkeling and scuba diving as a exciting recreation. Our Mission is to show people how to: 1) Learn to dive.  2) Buy their diving equipment. 3) Go Diving. 4) Stay active in the recreation.  Our Goal is to get new customers in the doors of: 1) Local Dive Stores.  2) Local Dive Boats.  3) Local Dive Clubs.  4) Local Scuba Instructors.

DIVE LOCAL has been set up so that every dive related business that is searching for new customers can participate in this program.  There are many ways that Dive Industry Professionals can participate, by being Ambassadors, Volunteers, Sponsors or Donors.  This community effort is utilizing Dive Shows, Regional Summit Meetings, Magazines, Newsletters, Websites and an integrated network of Social Media.  Dive Industry Professionals and Dive Industry Businesses will spend a fraction of their marketing and advertising budget by combining forces with like minded businesses in the dive community.  Everyone can benefit just by paying their fair share.

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Executive Director of Dive Industry Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization. We are the Founding Sponsor of DIVE LOCAL and soon to be just one of many.
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