Stay Active

Stay Active 

Once You’ve have been certified and purchased your equipment, it is easy and fun to stay active in the recreation.  Scuba Diving is a very social activity and you’ll enjoy meeting new people and traveling to new dive sites.  Here are a few suggestions for ways to stay active as a scuba diver.

  • Join a local Dive Club.
  • Subscribe to and read SCUBA diving magazines,  For a list of recommended magazines – click
  • Read on-line magazines & publications
  • Attend your Regional Dive Shows.  You’ll learn a lot, see new dive equipment, find exciting places to go diving, meet other divers and have fun.
  • Visit the local Dive Stores in your community and see what they have to offer.
  • And there is nothing more exciting then booking a dive trip to a dive destination.

Updated – December 31, 2022

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